The Optimistic Curmudgeon

Nathanael Blake: Parental Rights in Education, Groomers, Rainbow Identities, and the Failures of Radical Feminism

May 25, 2022

Nathanael Blake of the Ethics and Public Policy Center discusses the Florida and North Carolina Parental Rights in Education bills; he explains why "groomers" is an appropriate term to use for progressive educators who protest such bills. Along the way, he discusses parent's perspectives on their right to educate their children. He and Josh also discuss his response to Michelle Goldberg's review of Christine Emba's Rethinking Sex: A Provocation, and the evident failures of both radical feminism and the Sexual Revolution. The conversation is not explicit or graphic, but this is a mature content episode. Follow Nathanael's work here, or on Twitter @NBlakeEPPC. If you like this episode, please share with a friend!

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